Startup Advisory Services: Your Roadmap to Sustainable Growth

What are Startup Services

At Dealplexus, we provide comprehensive startup services designed to support entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses in their journey towards success. Whether you're launching a new venture or seeking to scale your startup, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and help you overcome the unique challenges of the startup ecosystem. With our expertise, resources, and guidance, we empower startups to thrive and achieve their goals.

Our Approach

We understand that startups require a different approach compared to established businesses. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the startup landscape, combined with years of experience working with startups across various industries. We offer a holistic range of services that encompass strategic guidance, operational support, and access to a network of mentors and investors.

Key Services

Business Planning and Strategy

Crafting a solid business plan and developing a robust strategy is crucial for startup success. Our experts work closely with you to define your business goals, identify target markets, and outline a clear roadmap. We help you articulate your value proposition, develop a competitive strategy, and create a business model that maximizes your chances of success.

Fundraising and Investor Relations

Securing funding is a critical milestone for startups. We provide guidance and support throughout the fundraising process, helping you prepare investor pitches, develop financial projections, and identify suitable funding sources. Our extensive network of investors allows us to connect you with potential investors and facilitate meaningful investor relations to drive your fundraising efforts.

Market Research and Validation

Understanding your target market and validating your business concept are essential steps in building a successful startup. We conduct comprehensive market research to assess market size, competition, and customer needs. Our experts help you validate your ideas, refine your product-market fit, and gather valuable insights to inform your go-to-market strategy.

Product Development and Innovation

Developing a unique and innovative product is a key driver of startup success. We assist you in the product development process, from concept ideation to prototyping and launch. Our experienced product development team guides you through the stages of product design, user testing, and iterative improvement, ensuring that your product meets market needs and stands out from the competition

Marketing and Growth Strategies

Effective marketing and growth strategies are essential for gaining traction and scaling your startup. We help you develop targeted marketing campaigns, create compelling brand messaging, and leverage digital marketing channels to reach your target audience. Our growth experts provide guidance on customer acquisition, retention strategies, and scaling your business for sustainable growth.

Accelerate your growth journey. Leverage our startup services for strategic advantage

Benefits of Our Startup Services

  • Startup-Focused Expertise: Our services are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of startups, providing you with specialized guidance and support.
  • Access to Resources: Benefit from our network of mentors, investors, and industry experts who can provide valuable insights and connections.
  • Accelerated Growth: Our strategic approach and hands-on support help startups achieve faster growth and accelerate their path to success.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every startup is different, and we customize our services to meet your specific needs and objectives.
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Join a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and startups, fostering collaboration, learning, and networking opportunities.

Contact Us

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or running an early-stage startup, our dedicated team is ready to support you on your journey. Contact us today at to learn more about our startup services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Startup investing refers to the process of investing capital in early-stage or emerging businesses with high growth potential. Investors provide financial support in exchange for equity or other forms of ownership in the startup.

Investing in startups offer a potential for very high returns on investment, since if startups are successful, they can experience rapid growth and increase in value over a very short period of time. It also provides an opportunity to support innovation, contribute to job creation, encourage entrepreneurship and participate in exciting ventures.

Startup investing carries inherent financial risks as startups are highly volatile and have a high failure rate. Factors such as market uncertainties, competition, regulatory challenges, and execution risks can impact the success of a startup investment. It is important to carefully assess these risks before investing in a startup.

Startup investment opportunities can be found through various channels, including angel investor networks, venture capital firms, online crowdfunding platforms, startup events, and industry networks. Engaging with startup ecosystems and staying informed about emerging trends can help identify potential investment opportunities. Dealplexus offers numerous opportunities for investing in high potential startups through its angel networks : Jindagi Live Angel Network and Maheshwari Angels Network.

Before investing in a startup, it is important to conduct thorough due diligence on the company, including evaluating the business model, market potential, management team, including the promoters, competitive landscape, and financial projections. Assessing the risk-reward profile, alignment with your investment goals, and diversification strategy is also crucial.

The amount to invest in a startup depends on various factors, including your risk appetite, investment capacity, and portfolio diversification strategy. It is generally recommended to invest only a portion of your total investable assets in startups, keeping in mind the potential for a loss of the entire investment.

As an investor, you can provide more than just capital. Your expertise, experience, and network can be valuable resources for startups. Depending on the investment terms, you may have the opportunity to contribute strategic advice, mentorship, or board participation to support the growth of the startup.

It is important to establish a system to track and manage your startup investments. This may include regular communication with the startup's management team or promoters, staying informed about company updates and financial performance, and leveraging technology tools or platforms designed for investor relations and portfolio management. If you have invested through a network, you may set a system of information and update sharing by the network on the progress of the startup in which you have made the investment.

If you are investing directly in a startup, you may not have to pay any fee for investing. But if you are using the services of a channel, for eg an angel network or an accelerator, you may have to pay a small amount as a membership fee of the network or a small % of the invested amount as a fee. Some networks even charge a small fee on the profits that you make out of the investment.

Dealplexus provides end to end startup investing solutions with very high growth potential business opportunities through its angel networks, Jindagi Live Angel Network and Maheshwari Angel Network. You may connect with us at to understand more about these opportunities